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PGCN, Hayatabad

Post Graduate College of Nursing KPK, Peshawar is a professional Nursing College in the province which was established in March 1988. in the beginning only 2 Post Graduate diploma courses were introduced for the nurses. Later on it started various specialties to strengthen the skills of the nursing care to the patients all through it has come through a long way in improving the educational standard and facilities, a great deal yet remains to be done, initially the college started its function in school building of Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar as the college was not in possession of its own building. Financial assistance was also provided by the Ministry of Women Development and Youth Affairs Government of Pakistan. Later the college was taken over by the invincible Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on July 01, 1991.
Presently the college has its own marvelous building in Hayatabad comprises all educational facilities, experienced and professionally skilled faculty, hostel accommodation and computer lab. The institution id affiliated with Lady Reading Hospital, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Hayatabad Medical Complex and Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbotabad to acquire clinical placement. Concerned efforts not only to better the quality of professional skill for nurses but more importantly, to build character of nurses must continue for auspicious future. This would require of the faculty a commitment of the highest order along with of courses, and the active cooperation of KPK Government.
Principal PGCN along with the college faculty is highly determined and responsible to manage and organize Teaching/Learning environment in the college has facilitated the student nurses near about 11 specialists / diploma courses in different care.
Further, the college is providing infrastructure and other related education facilities/accommodation to Khyber Medical University and Nursing Examination Board KPK in the same college building.
Principal Message
Welcome to the Post Graduate College of Nursing. On behalf of the faculty, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well as this higher stage of education. Post Graduate College of Nursing has much of the opportunities during your academic session.
Nursing is a profession in which the practitioner applies knowledge and skills in provision of preventive, curative, primitive and rehabilitative health services to the individuals, families and communities. Allah gives life and nurses help in its preservation. It is the moral obligation of each nurse to prove her / his self worthy of it.
PGCN initiated Baccalaureate of science in Nursing of BScN Fast Track (01 year) updated program intended to prepare nurses as a practitioner in the are of their own interest, and serve the humanity with the best of their actions within prescribed  parameters. College provides opportunities of adult learning or self directed learning and lifelong learning that lead your career building.
Admission Eligibility

  • candidates both male and female can apply for admission
  • Professional Qualification RN, RM, Merit is determined on the division of RN, RM Diplomas plus specific marks of higher professional qualification along with expereince and interview marks
  • Age limit not more than 45 years
  • Selection will be on the basis of merit-cum-fitness
  • Candidates must have 3 years consecutive ACR and two testimonials of professional ability from the authority under whom candidates have served.

Nursing Management                (Seats=30)
Teaching Management              (Seats=30)
Intensive Care Nursing              (Seats=15)
Coronary Care Nursing             (Seats=10)
Neuro Surgical / Medical           (Seats=10)
Urology Nursing                         (Seats=10)
Mental Health                              (Seats=10)
Pediatric Nursing                       (Seats=10)
Operation Theater                       (Seats=10)
Orthopedic Nursing                     (Seats=10)
Post Midwifery                              (Seats=10)
Opthalmic Nursing                      (Seats=10)
Ms. Shamshad Qadir   (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, Specialized Diploma in Community Health Nursing from UK, BSc.N)            Principal
Ms. Wazira Jan   (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, Specialized Diploma in ICU, BSc. N, MPH)   Vice Principal
Mehrun Nisa   (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, BSc.N, MPH)       Nursing Instructor
Shereen Akhtar   Jan   (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, Specialized Diploma in ICU) Nursing Instructor
Shahida Abbasi    (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, BSc.N)  Nursing Instructor
Gulzar Bibi    (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, BSc.N)   Nursing Instructor
Afshan Tabassum    Bibi    (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, Specialized Diploma in Eye BSc.N)    Nursing Instructor
Zaib un Nisa   (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, Specialized Diploma in ICU and Mental Health, BSc. N, MPH)    Nursing Instructor
Shamim Akhtar    (R.N, R.M, D.W.A, D.T.A, Specialized Diploma in OT, BSc. N, MPH, D.P.H Administration)    Nursing Instructor  
Farhat Ali Gul    ((R.N, R.M, BSc.N, Specialized Diploma in P. Midwifery)    Nursing Instructor
Akhtar Hussain   (R.N, post RN BSc.N,  Specialized Diploma in CCU)   Nursing Instructor
Computer Lab
Lecture Rooms